Turn Key skid install for Ski Doo Gen 4, 165"

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Turn Key install for Ski Doo Gen 4- 165

Remove suspension from vehicle (heat bolts to loosen patch lock), after one bolt is out clean the patch lock off bolt with wire brush, lube with WD or oil and reinstall. Then remove the other side, and then take original bolt out with impact gun.)

Drill out the two rivets that secure the inside backing plate for the front arm in tunnel.

Line up the original front arm mounting hole with rear hole in new tunnel plate,(the plates are marked F for front and arrow up)  install a 10mm bolt through the hole in plate and through the tunnel, then line up the rear rivet hole and install rivet supplied. Drill out 3/16’’ rivet hole in the tunnel plate through tunnel and install front rivet.

Finish drilling mounting holes with 3/8’’ drill bit; this is where the Kmod front arm will bolt in. The upper hole is for turbos to help hold the power; the lower hole will provide more lively feel and playfulness.

On X models, use the aluminum filler plate to put over the hole to fill the recessed area around running boards on the outside of the tunnel.

Put loc-tite on button head bolt and nut, install in the hole from the original front arm mount. 

Install drop bracket cover on drop bracket using button head bolt and acorn nut,(just snug finger tight) through the original suspension mounting hole, flush cover to the outsides.  There is a right and left cover plate.

Then drill the (2)  3/16’’ holes through upper drop bracket cover holes in cover through the original drop bracket, install two 3/16’’ rivets and then Loctite and tighten the button head bolt and acorn nut.

There are two pilot holes for the Kmod rear arm (upper one is for Gen 2, use the lower hole on Gen 3 skids). Then drill out 1/8’’pilot hole to 3/8’’, this is where the Kmod rear arm is mounted. See photo