About Us

The Legacy of KMOD's Superior Suspension Performance


Kevin Bolinder purchased a 900 Arctic Cat which had a harsh handling suspension. As a result, Kevin sought out Andy Youngstom and Branson Metal Tech to build him a rear coil over suspension. He gave Branson the dimensions of the rear arm while Andy already had the rear shock from a Polaris kit on hand. When Kevin installed the parts the result was a improved and comfortable ride. Shortly after the improvement captured his friend’s attention and they all had to have one. So back to Branson Kevin went.


Branson wanted to retire so he sold Kevin all his jigs and welding equipment and KMOD was established. The Gen I was KMOD’s first manufactured skid that was his leading suspension product until 2008.The evolution of the turbo sled demanded a more advanced performing design.


Kevin engineered a breakthrough design to a coupling style suspension.The entire year of 2008 was dedicated to R&D, refining the designs geometry, quality, and performance. In 2009, KMOD proudly put the GEN II on the consumer market.


KMOD started offering the Raptor coil over shock line as an additional option for the Gen II suspension. KMOD continues to grow and will continue to enhance the current design for even more performance for all types of vehicles. For 2013, we offered dual clicker shocks with the Raptor option, a 4 position quick coupler, and a new front arm for even more adjustability.


KMOD started offering the new 37'' wide front end for the Polaris Pro, a new lightweight Titanium option for the lightest, high performance coil over rear suspension on the market. We are a small company with low overhead but exceptional customer support and service. We have a strong desire to build products that perform with durability. We take pride so you can have a good ride!


KMOD introduced the new K Motion pivoting rear scissor, it can move 4 degrees each way with a mechanical positive stop. Make initiating a maneuver easier, but when on edge it feels just like a rigid suspension keeping the vehicle on edge and in control, through the rough stuff you don;t even know its there. 


KMOD introduces the new Gen 3, refining the Gen 2 to even better performance with lighter weight and exceptional handling. New rear axle adjusters, new rail profile, new 3" anti stab, lighter hardware, and new shock calibrations for cutting edge handling. RMSHA tested for durability and strength.


KMOD offers FOX compression and rebound adjustable shocks. With the FOX shocks we can obtain a broad range of adjustment to fine tune any riding style and application, along with new spring calibrations to cover every riders style and weight. 


KMOD designs the all new Skinny skid with twin rails and coupling, combined with Fox QS3 shocks for ultimate ride and handling.


K MOD partners with Fox Racing Shocks to offer the new L/W QS3 shocks for the Turn Key suspensions along with a full line up of IFS shocks for ultimate comfort and control.

Summer of 2021 

We have moved to a larger shop!! we have more room for inventory, equipment, installs and R&D.




K MOD releases its newest suspension the 5.5 skinny for Polaris and Ski Doo   5.5" wide for very agile maneuvering with predicable control.