Skid Technology Explained

Performance. Durability. Versatility.

K Mod has been designing and building aftermarket skid solutions for the modern mountain snowmobile for over a decade. Our secret sauce is how our sled is designed to be coupled, and features quick-adjust coupling depending on the riding environment, conditions or riding style. This, combined with top shelf suspension, rails and arms, creates an on-snow experience unlike any other.

Coupling Explained

The modern snowmobile designed to be ridden in the mountains utilizes a decoupled skid. This means the front arm and rear arm work independent of each other. 

While can be good for certain situation, it leaves a lot to be desired especially when getting power to the ground and getting to the top of a mountain is your primary concern. 

Coupling the skid forces the front arm and rear arm to compress at the same rate. This significantly stiffens the skid, keeping excessive weight transfer to a minimum. What does this mean? It means a coupled skid can put more power to the ground and will help the sled generate more ground speed than a decoupled skid. 

"But I want to do wheelies and not beat myself up on the trail" you say. Cool. So do we. The beauty of the K Mod skid is it allows the user to quickly select how much coupling they want. From a free spirited "pick them skis up" position 1 to a full on locked in position 4, we offer in the field adjustment that can completely transform the way your ride reacts on the hill. 

The Complete Package

There are no shortcuts. We offer the turnkey skid as a complete package for a reason, it works unlike anything else out there. Some stiffen up the rear track shock at the cost of on trail comfort or on snow sled playfulness. Others have tried to add coupling devices to stock skids with varied results and often at the cost of durability.

One very important component to our skid is how we've tuned the shocks, the arm leverage ratio curve and the rails to all work in harmony. Other setups may keep your skis down, but beat you up elsewhere and are the opposite of playful. The K Mod skid is the most dynamic rear suspension solution out there.

For 2021 we are offering the new Fox Light Weight QS3 adjustable shocks, dedicated to offering the best dampers money can buy. We tune these specific to your application, and give the user additional tunability for his/her precise needs. 

Who Can Benefit

While many of our customers are utilizing this technology to get the most out of their naturally aspirated sleds, the turbo guys benefit extensively. All too often we see guys with all this horsepower, standing the sled up at full throttle. Cool for photos. Not cool for going where that turbo could *really* take you, especially considering the way a turbo builds power (progressively).

Others have tried to accomplish putting more power to the ground with firmer rear track shock setups, while this can work okay, it still pales in comparison to true skid coupling and leaves a lot to be desired on trail and in terms of playfulness. Others have tried using simple coupling blocks in stock skid configuration. This is leaves something to be desired for multiple reason, stock skids cannot couple more than 25% without stressing reliability to tunnel and skid. 

Simply, the K Mod skid lets you have your cake and eat it to. The world's highest performance and most versatile snowmobile skid. Complete with everything you need to take full advantage of the technology.