Raptor RTS set up for K MOD rear suspension - Gen 3

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Raptor RTS set up for K MOD rear suspension Gen 3

All Raptor shock clickers adjust with the clicker knob, clockwise for firm and counterclockwise for a softer compression.

For N/A stock engines 153 and 162

Front strap set at 12.5’’ as per instructions, 12’’ with 7 tooth drivers.

Front track shock spring set at 7-3/4’’ free length with the strap set first

Front track clicker, turn all the way counter clockwise and turn in 3 clicks.

Rear track shock spring set at 10.5’’ free length for 200lb rider, adjust more preload for heavier rider or less for lighter rider.

Spring tuning.

 The rear spring is a 190-250 rate with a 3.5’’ switch point and is 11’’ long, so if we adjust the preload ½’’ or (10-1/2’’ free length) we have 95lbs of static load, to increase the load (weight) carrying ability more, turn the spring clockwise, each two turns is 1/8’’ and equates to 24 more lbs of static load carrying ability. Remember as the shock is compressed the static load is added to the rate, (½’’ preload is 95lbs static) if the shock compresses 1’’ then the load is 95lbs static plus 190lb rate for 285lbs. As the shock compresses it goes up 190 for each inch of shock travel till the switch point then rises at 250lbs per inch.  If the shock spring is preloaded ½’’, then the switch point goes to 3’’ of travel, so the more preload the sooner it gets to the 250lbs rate and the firmer the shock feels all the way through the travel.

Turbo set up

Front strap at 12’’ as per instructions

Front track shock spring set at 7-3/4’’ free length with strap set first.

Rear track shock spring set at 10-3/8’’ free length; adjust for boost over 10 lbs. Rear track clicker at starting at 6 clicks.

The K MOD suspension is very tune-able and small adjustments can make a noticeable difference, go two turns at a time on the preload and two clicks at a time on the clicker when tuning.

Tuning for conditions

For deep powder days loosen front track shock spring to 8-1/4’’ and turn clicker in to 5 clicks , this will let the skid couple easier and get up on the snow quicker but still take the bumps.

For aggressive riding and more play full feel increase front track shock spring preload to 7-1/2’’ free length.

The faster you want to ride in the bumps the more clicker you will need front and rear, go two clicks in or firmer at a time then test. If bottoming out after more than 5 clicks in then preload two turns on spring till gone.

For tree riding loosen the rear track shock spring to where it is easy to throw into the hill, you can run more coupling when the spring is loose. Again on a stock sled I (200lbs) like about 10-1/2’’ – 10-5/8’’of free length on the rear spring for tree riding.