Instructions HD drop brackets for Maytrx

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  1. After suspension is removed, drill out rivets that attach original drop bracket to running board (drill the 3 rivets just inboard of the drop bracket rivets in the running board, then install new short rivets from the bottom up to make room for new running board drop bracket support) Drill out pop rivets in tunnel that are in the upper part of drop bracket, center punch the rivet it will drill easier.
  2. On the inside of the tunnel grind off the self-piercing rivets flush, of the stock drop bracket. Remove the drop bracket by working back and forth to pop it off the rivets.
  3. After the drop bracket is removed grind remaining part of the rivets down to make the tunnel flush for the new drop bracket. Do not try to remove the self-piercing rivets or it will deform the tunnel. See photo ( For Matrix take out the 6mm carriage bolt the attaches the running board brace to the tunnel and remove the two rear torex headed bolts that attach the bumper to the tunnel)
  4. Take a 3’ piece of strap metal and drill a 3/8’’ hole in one end, measure 30-7/8’’ and drill another hole so there is 30-7/8’’ center to center between the holes.
  5. 31-1/4’’ center to center for the K MOD hole. (upper back)
  6. Install the one end of the strap in tunnel with bolt.
  7. Install other end of strap in the new drop bracket lower hole, ( for stock skid) move the new drop bracket up in tunnel until its flush with the top of tunnel. ( On Matrix align with the flat part of the cooler).Hold with c clamps or vise grip clamps and drill through the top rivet hole that was drilled out in the original drop bracket and install a couple of pop rivets to hold drop bracket in place. On the Matrix reinstall the 6mm carriage bolt for the running board brace through the tunnel and the hole in the drop bracket.
  8. Drill through drop bracket holes through tunnel; install self-locking pop rivets supplied. Pop rivets can be used but be careful of rivets heads lining up with track and causing a rub. (Included is long zinc coated rivets and shorter ones, use short ones where there is just two ply’s of aluminum to go through, longer ones where there is extra ply’s of reinforcement. The photo shows where to use short and long rivets. We usually install pop rivets from the inside out on the bottom row.
  9. When installing the running board support use long rivets on the outside and one short zinc rivet in the middle.

For the Matrix use three short rivets on the inside installed bottom up, then three long rivets to attach the support to the running board.