Ski-Doo Gen 4 & 5, Turnkey Skid

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Tame your 850 for ultimate performance. 

The Ski-Doo 850 is a monster of a sled. Unfortunately, Ski-Doo left a lot of performance on the table with their use of an outdated torsion bar skid. If you can't get the power to the snow, what good is having it?!

At K Mod we've developed an entirely proprietary turn-key skid that gives the rider complete control over the weight transfer of the sled while keeping comfort and ease of adjustment in mind. This means you can have a playful sled with an easy to lift front end, and in seconds lock it down to minimize weight transfer for chute climbing, hill climbing and maximum power-to-ground.

To accomplish this, we utilize 4 selectable stages of coupling.  Adjusts in seconds with the turn of your hand, no tools required. Coupling positions include...

  • Number 1: Stock like handling. Perfect for the trail ride on the way in and playing around.
  • Number 2: More track in the snow, but you can still lift the front end if need be; this is perfect for boondocking and tree riding.
  • Number 3: Very little ski lift. Big hill climbs.
  • Number 4: No ski lift. Chute climbing and "all business" type terrain.

Great for stock sleds, big bores and especially turbos. 

Learn more about K-Mod's skid technology here


  • Custom mounting that leaves the stock ride height and weight distribution of the stock vehicle.
  • Featuring Fox L/W QS3 Racing Shocks. Fox shocks come with QS3 compression  adjustment as well as rebound, dual rear spring combo with adjustable shift point.
  • Adjustable from 140lb rider to 300lb rider all in the same package, no re-valving or spring changes.
  • Custom built Ice-Age rails. We use Ice Age for their quality, attention to detail, strength and performance, made to K MOD geometry and spec.
  • Drastically increase the speed over moguls and through the woops, with a very compliant smooth ride down the trail. 
  • Eliminates the bottom out the torsion bar skid is prone to.
  • Traditional K MOD strength and durability that will hold up for years of service.
  • K Motion, (now optional) 4 degrees movement on each side with positive stops. All the benefits of T Motion, none of the downsides. This can be added for $250
  • Standard Kit includes anodized black rails
  • Install kit for either Gen 4 or Gen 5, add to notes on order for which one.
  • Have an XP, XM, or T3 Ski-Doo? Please call!