4 Position quick change coupling block

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4 Position Quick Change Coupling Blocks

All positions can be adjusted in seconds by turning the block by hand (no tools).

#1 is the mildest and is 20% coupled. This position is for running down the trail and playing with a lively feel, it is very compliant on the bumps for a smooth soft ride.

#2 is the same as last year’s mildest setting. It couples for 40% and is very good for boon docking and tree riding with a fair amount of climbing. It will help keep it on plane with a level vehicle attitude. This setting allows a rider to “get in and out” of the throttle while maneuvering around trees and obstacles and avoid the unpredictable wheelie. This is a great all around setting for stock engines or lower boost pump gas turbos.

#3 Is little more aggressive than 2 (50%) This setting will take on 60% of the hills that you want to climb. Use this setting if you like to take the bumps aggressively, it allows the rails to maintain a flatter attitude in the moguls. #3 is great for hole shots and controls traction less wheelies if you like to line up with your buddies. Better control for boost over 9 lbs.

#4 is full coupling (80%and intended for aggressive climbing. It will plant the skis and stay on plane in steeper conditions. As in all the less aggressive positions it is easy to “get in and out” of the throttle for technical maneuvers in the steep and a rider can still side hill easily like in the other positions.

All 4 positions will overlap with each other, once you find your” happy zone” you will find that you can ride several terrains and conditions with the same setting or re adjust in seconds for different terrain or snow conditions.