Ski-Doo Gen4 850 Turn Key Skid

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Tame your 850 for ultimate performance. 

The Ski-Doo 850 is a monster of a sled. Unfortunately, Ski-Doo left a lot of performance on the table with their use of an outdated torsion bar skid. If you can't get the power to the snow, what good is having it?!

At K Mod we've developed an entirely proprietary turn-key skid that gives the rider complete control over the weight transfer of the sled while keeping comfort and ease of adjustment in mind. This means you can have a playful sled with an easy to lift front end, and in seconds lock it down to minimize weight transfer for chute climbing, hill climbing and maximum power-to-ground.

To accomplish this, we utilize 4 selectable stages of coupling.  Adjusts in seconds with the turn of your hand, no tools required. Coupling positions include...

  • Number 1: Stock like handling. Perfect for the trail ride on the way in and playing around.
  • Number 2: More track in the snow, but you can still lift the front end if need be; this is perfect for boondocking and tree riding.
  • Number 3: Very little ski lift. Big hill climbs.
  • Number 4: No ski lift. Chute climbing and "all business" type terrain.

Great for stock sleds, big bores and especially turbos. 

Learn more about K-Mod's skid technology here


  • Custom mounting that leaves the stock ride height and weight distribution of the stock vehicle.
  • Please select either Fox or Raptor from our drop down list. Our Fox package includes adjustable high and low speed compression adjustment as well as rebound adjustment. Our Raptor shock package features compression adjust as well as rebound adjust on the rear track shock. 
  • Adjustable from 140lb rider to 240lb rider all in the same package, no re-valving or spring changes.
  • Custom built Ice-Age rails. We use Ice Age for their quality, attention to detail, strength and performance. 
  • Drastically increase the speed over moguls and through the woops, with a very compliant smooth ride down the trail. 
  • Eliminates the bottom out the torsion bar skid is prone to.
  • Traditional K MOD strength and durability that will hold up for years of service.
  • K Motion, (now optional) 4 degrees movement on each side with positive stops. All the benefits of T Motion, none of the downsides. This can be added for $200
  • Standard Kit includes anodized black rails
  • Have an XP, XM, or T3 Ski-Doo? Please call!

 Highly recommend purchasing the rear tunnel side plate kit for your specific chassis.