Arctic Cat Turn Key Skid

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Power to the ground. Precision when it counts. Comfort on the trail. K-Mod gets it done.


  • Highest performance quick-select coupling skid on the market
  • K Mod Specific rails machined by Ice Age. Simply the strongest, lightest rails in the game.
  • K Mod designed control arms
  • Featuring Fox L/W QS3 Racing Shocks. Fox shocks come with QS3 compression  adjustment as well as rebound, dual rear spring combo with adjustable shift point.
  • K Mod specific progressively wound springs
  • Four position coupling adjusts in seconds
  • Adjustable limiter strap
  • 141 High Country XF Package Available - Please Call 

As good as the modern mountain sled has become, there is no free lunch when it comes to OEM skid setup. Stock skids are designed to be forgiving, and accommodate a wide range of riders in varying conditions. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of performance on the table. 

Enter the K-Mod Turn key skid. Bolting this complete skid to your sled will add an incredible amount of precision, control, power to the ground and comfort to your ride.

The secret to K-Mod performance is in our ability to couple the skid depending on what the rider and environment calls for, all backed by the best suspension in the industry. 

Other skids require incredibly harsh setups to control weight transfer. Alternatively some are very comfortable and compliant, but have you trenching all day long. K-Mod allows both a playful, fun, setup when desired, but also a business-like 'get to the top' setup, or a balance between the two all with no adjustment to the shocks. Simply a turn of our coupling system and the behavior of the sled is changed immensely. All done in seconds. This means you get more power to the ground all the while having a comfortable, high performance ride.

Coupling positions are as follows...

  • Stock like handling on #1
  • Need more track in the snow for technical trees and boondocking then use # 2.
  • or the straight up where you need the skis planted and full control, use # 3 or # 4.

While this skid helps a stock sled run better than one could ever imagine, it is a "must" for the high horsepower turbo guys. What good is all that power if you can't effectively get it to the ground?

Built K MOD tough, we have the strongest and most durable suspension on the market. High performance, with multi rate springs, compression adjustable shocks to fit the riding style for every aspect of snowmobiling.

Very adjustable, we can tune in the skid for riders from 130lbs to 300lbs all in the same package with preload and compression adjustments.

Those interested in some amount of skid articulation can add K-Motion, which allows for 4 degrees of flex for easier initiation of a turn while keeping washout to a minimum.