2019 Fox Zero QS3-R Series - Fits Polaris Axys 2016-2019

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For 2019 K Mod has chosen Fox Racing Shocks as our suspension partner. We tested all Fox product extensively last season and were incredibly impressed with the company's dampers in deep snow, on trail, and in mixed conditions.


  • Coilover Shock
  • Spring Preload Adjust
  • Piggyback with 3 position compression adjust lever (soft, medium, firm)
  • Rebound adjust with 3 position lever (fast, medium, slow)
  • Please pick 39" or 37" front end below for accurate eye to eye.
  • FOX Ice Scraper Technology
  • Learn more about QS3 Here.

The Fox Zero QS3-R shock features Axys specific valving coupled with the versatility of the QS3 damper, whereby the user can quickly adjust the shock from supple, to slightly firmer to extremely firm with the flip of a lever. This gives the user a deep snow setting, mixed conditions setting and a trail setting - all that can be adjusted with gloves on in a matter of seconds. No other shock on the market offers the level of performance and ease of advisability this Fox product does.

We offer the QS3 shock with adjustable rebound as well. This three position rebound setting is similar to the shocks quick compression adjust, allowing the rider to set the suspension up for big hits (slow), playful (fast) or a mix (medium).

Our Fox shocks are valved specifically for K Mod. We spent extensive time getting this just right, and is a K Mod exclusive. 

Please pick correct front end width. Either chose the 37" front end, which is stock on 2019 sleds, or 39" front end, which was stock from 2016-2018 or 41", which is stock on all Assualt model RMKs. Those with aftermarket front ends, please pick the shock length that corresponds to your front end.