K Motion Upgrade Kit

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NOTICE: This is an upgrade for customers that currently own a KMOD Suspension with Raptor or Fox shocks.

A few years back we received a fair amount of interest in an articulating rear arm. We played with many prototypes, many of which were similar to Ski-Doo's T-Motion. In our testing however, these types of systems ended up with excessive articulation, upwards of 15 degrees in total. What we were after is something that gives the ease of articulation without excessive movement. Enter K-Motion.

We engineered our pivoting billet rear scissor with positive stops so it can't move more than 4 degrees anywhere through out the travel. This is absolutely key to the system. Its just enough to help made the ride easier, but not so much you end up with wash out or unpredictability.

We couple this with a new larger eyelet on the shock with a large bearing so it will move with the arm for a very fluid motion. This design makes it very predictable. The only time that you notice it was there is when the rider gave input to make a maneuver and then it was just easier.(even in the higher coupling numbers)

I built 6 of these initially, we put them on various sleds from stock to modified to 300 hp turbo sleds. With over 3500 miles collectively on these sleds every rider found the K Motion helped make the sled more agile, less effort to hold a side hill, and hold down hill off cambers in a straighter line. Make technical moves at higher speeds.

There has been absolutely no down side to an already proven high performance suspension. It still rails through the bumps and holds down the front on steep climbs.

Yes it will be an option on all K MOD Turn Key suspensions w/the FOX or Raptor coil over shock option and an upgrade option for any previous turn key skid w/ FOX or Raptor coil over shock. 

You will need to send us your FOX or Raptor rear track shock so we can install a larger eyelet for the large bearing that's needed, which also includes reconditioning the shock.