Instructions Fox QS3 skid shocks

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Fox QS3 rear shock set up for K MOD rear suspension


We are excited to offer our new Fox light weight QS3 shock        package for the K MOD turnkey suspensions


The new Fox shock QS3 shocks adjust with the clicker adjuster knob, clockwise for firm and counterclockwise for a softer compression. Each adjustment has 3 distinctive clicks of adjustment. 1 is for very soft smooth action, 2- for most riding and boondocking, it’s a good all-around set up. 3 it’s for jumping or very aggressive riding.

Rebound on rear shock.

The rebound clicker is a 25 position clicker, it comes preset and you may or may not need to adjust it. Default setting is all the way in and then back out 10. If you feel the back end is bucking or kicking up a little in the bumps just go in a few clicks (clockwise). If you feel the back end getting rougher the faster you go it’s probably because the shock isn’t rebounding quick enough and packing the shock, so just open it a few clicks to help this condition.

Front track shock spring.

Front strap set at 12.5 as per instructions, 12’’ with 7 tooth drivers.

Front track shock spring set at 7-1/2’’ free length with the strap set first.




Rear track shock springs.

There is a short 2”tender spring and a longer 8”main spring, the default preload on the tender spring is ¼” or if you measure the spring it will be 1-3/4” long, to firm up the overall shift pattern of the springs just adjust the preload up a couple of turns at a time, (you will feel the difference in just two turns). Do not tighten the preload any tighter than 1-1/2” total spring length on the tender spring. If more load is needed contract us for a heavier set up.


There is a 1” shift spring coupler between the springs, this means there is 1” travel in the tender spring before the coupler shifts the load to the larger spring, by increasing the preload the shift gets shorter or sooner. At 1-3/4” default setting on the tender spring there is ¾” of travel before the shift. So it doesn’t take much to affect the feel of the shock just by adjusting the tender a few turns. Remember to tighten the Allen head screw on the adjusting nut after adjusting preload.

This combination can be tuned quickly and easily with the QS3 knob and preload of the tender spring.