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KMOD Yamaha Gen III Coupling High Performance Suspension

Control your boosted Yamaha with a new K MOD full Turn Key Skid. With over 15'' of rear axle travel, it smooths out the rough trails on that ride in, then when you’re in the trees or up the chutes the front end stays down on plane and in full control. Tune the skid from mogul eating smooth ride to full on chute climbing with the new billet 4-position quick coupler, all done in seconds with no tools

Turn your VIPER into a superior handling, maneuverable powder eating animal. Install the full turn-key suspension with Raptor shocks and the all new K Motion along with the Raptor IFS shocks for the ultimate boondocking tree riding and chute climbing super sled. Fly  through the bumps with ease, turn on a dime up or down hill, and control big HP with K MOD.



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