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KMOD Ski-Doo Gen III Coupling High Performance Suspensions

Turn your XP, XM, T3, Gen 4, or your turbo 1200 into a smooth riding, powder hungry,mogul eating and hill climbing monster with a K MOD turn key skid.

Turn Key Skids with custom K MOD rails in 154, 163, 165 Gen 4 and 174 lengths. (Includes custom re-enforcing drop brackets if required for your specific model)

Turn your XP, XM, T3, or Gen 4 into a superior handling, maneuverable powder eating animal. Install the full turn-key suspension with Raptor shocks and the all new K Motion along with the Raptor IFS shocks for the ultimate boondocking tree riding and chute climbing super sled. Fly  through the bumps with ease, turn on a dime up or down hill, and control big HP with K MOD.





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