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KMOD Ski-Doo Gen III Coupling High Performance Suspensions

Turn your XP, XM, T3, Gen 4, or your turbo 1200 into a smooth riding, powder hungry,mogul eating and hill climbing monster with a K MOD turn key skid.

Turn Key Skids with custom K MOD rails in 154, 163, 165 Gen 4 and 174 lengths. (Includes custom re-enforcing drop brackets if required for your specific model)

Turn your XP, XM, T3, or Gen 4 into a superior handling, maneuverable powder eating animal. Install the full turn-key suspension with Raptor shocks and the all new K Motion along with the Raptor IFS shocks for the ultimate boondocking tree riding and chute climbing super sled. Fly  through the bumps with ease, turn on a dime up or down hill, and control big HP with K MOD.





Gen 4 Turn Key Skid

  • $2,700.00
  • Skid Length
    Anodized or Powder Coated Rails
    K Motion or Raptor Rebound Shock
K MOD Turn Key skid for the Gen 4
Now that we have the K Motion, we offer a complete turn key suspension for the Gen 4 154 & 165 Ski Doo.
K Motion's 4 degree positive stops and ridged front arm gives the maneuverability of the Gen 4 with more predictability and control than the stock suspension.
4 stages of coupling to help control the wheelie monster that the Gen 4 is known for.  Adjusts in seconds with the turn of your hand, no tools.
Stock like handling on #1.
Need more track in the snow for technical trees and boondocking then use # 2.
For the straight up where you need the skis planted and full control, use # 3 or # 4.

Great for stock sleds, big bores and especially turbos.
Custom mounting that leaves the stock ride height and weight distribution of the stock vehicle.
20 Position compression clicker Raptor shocks, standard front and rear.
Adjustable from 140lb rider to 240lb rider all in the same package, no re-valving or spring changes.
Drastically increase the speed over moguls and through the whoops, with a very compliant smooth ride down the trail.
Traditional K MOD strength and durability that will hold up for years of service.
K Motion, 4 degrees movement on each side with positive stops. This keeps the vehicle from moving too much, making the maneuvers very predictable and helps in maintaining control. Lock out feature if preferred.

Add K Motion for $200

Add Raptor Rear Track Shock w/20 position compression AND rebound adjustment (Not available with K Motion) for $120
Gen 4 Turn Key Skid
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