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KMOD Polaris Gen III Coupling High Performance Suspension

KMOD Polaris 37" IFS - Now Featuring a Billet Upper A-Arm.

Turn your Pro-Ride or Axys Pro-RMK/RMK/SKS into a superior handling, maneuverable powder eating animal. Install the full turn-key suspension with the optional all new K Motion along with the 37" IFS with Raptor IFS shocks for the ultimate boondocking tree riding and chute climbing super sled. Fly through the whoops with ease, turn on a dime up or down hill, and control big HP with  K MOD Suspensions.

Available in full Turn Key Skids with custom K MOD rails in 144/146, 155, 163, and 174 lengths. Available for Pro-Ride and Axys RMK Chassis'.





37'' Wide IFS for Pro-Ride & Axys Chassis

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NOTE: Combine the 37" IFS A-Arm Kit with Raptor Shocks and receive a $150 discount off the retail price of $1090 for the Raptor 20 position compression adjustable shocks OR $150 off the retail price of $1340 for Raptor 20 position compression AND rebound adjustable shocks.

NEW FOR 2018:
 - New billet upper A-arms using CAD technology for lite weight and strength.
 - Raptor 20 Position Compression AND Rebound adjustable shocks.

Our front suspension was designed using the latest in Cad-Cam technology! The use of this technology allowed us to take a very complicated design like the canted front suspension of the Polaris Pro-Ride & Axys Pro-RMK and understand every detail of it from caster, camber, Ackermann, along with bump.
We’ve found through extensive testing that our 37” design works exceptional on and off trail!  We focused most of our efforts towards improving on how the vehicle responded to changing directions in the trees, along with perfecting the ability to hang even the most technical of side hills.
 With other tweaks to the geometry it makes this a very versatile system.  Combine these features with tig welded 4130 thin wall large OD tubing lower A-arm with billet bearing house,  a new billet upper a-arm, and you have a light weight design with exceptional strength that will perform above expectations for backcountry riders. Plus it can be run with or without sway bar. Takes the stock length shocks (13 and newer) or combine with Raptor IFS shocks for the ultimate in handling and control.
Kit comes with everything needed to just bolt on. Upper and lower ball joints, durable delrin bushings, tie rods, and all hardware needed.

Ensure you choose the correct sled chassis: Pro-Ride or Axys. 

37'' Wide IFS for Pro-Ride & Axys Chassis
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