Raptor Performance Shocks

  • 100% Billet Aluminum Construction
  • 100% High Speed CNC Machined to Exacting Tolerances
  • Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum Bodies for Exceptional Wear Resistance
  • Highest Quality Synthetic Blended Fluid
  • High Strength Delrin Bushings
  • Variable Pitch One Piece TRS (Triple Rate Springs)
  • Cutting Edge Fluid and Thermal Dynamic Modeling Software
  • Elegant Lightweight Ground up Design
  • Progressive high flow Piston Design
  • Low stiction 5/8 Diameter liquid black nitride shafts
  • Progressive Valve Codes
  • Internal Blow Off Valve
  • 20 position clicker
  • RAP (Rapid Adjust Preload)
  • NEST (Seal Technology)
  • APV (Anti Pac Valve)
  • TRS (Triple Rate Springs)

The Raptor shock for the K MOD rear is the most comprehensive shock package on the market, this package was designed ground up for the K MOD coupling skid. With triple rate front track spring and dual rate rear spring calibrated for the equal movement of the front and rear arm working together, combined that with the total adjustability of the 20 position clicker shock front and rear we are able to fine tune the skid for a 120 lb. tree rider to a 260lb hill banger on 15lbs boost. All in the same shock package, no sending back for a revalve or spring change, just preload the spring up or down and adjust the clickers a few clicks and you’re good to go. Very easy to dial in for your own riding preference.

And if you really want to raise the bar on handling add the Raptor IFS front ski shocks to your sled with the K MOD rear for a mogul eating high performance machine.

Go from slowing down for the big holes to leaning on the throttle when you see them knowing your just going to drive through the hole looking for more. Confidence building and the end of arm pump.

Very adjustable for different conditions, low clicker setting for tree riding and click it up a few if you want to hill bang or go home in a hurry.

Light weight with all aluminum construction, triple rate single springs with RAP (rapid adjust preload) easy adjust clicker knobs and spherical bearings for easy mounting.

Get a discount on the full Raptor package with skid and IFS purchase.

Then train the muscles in your face from over smiling

Fox Float/Evol Shocks

The Float/Evol rear track shock, only offered on select K mod suspension kits, is very adjustable by just adding or subtracting air pressure for a firmer or softer ride. High flow pistons are used for a very compliant ride yet with the dual air chamber, you’re able to fine tune the ride, like having a dual rate spring. The Float/Evol includes a 26 position rebound clicker adjustment to dial in the rear even more.

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